Dear Friends,

I wanted to reach out and thank you for the incredible support you’ve shown for me and the campaign!  If you haven’t donated yet, please help me make a strong showing by the end of the reporting period. It’s absolutely essential that we show we are prepared to fight for integrity and progress on Ann Arbor’s city council. Your donation, however small, by December 31 will send a message that you demand a representative who represents you.

I began paying attention to city politics because I support increasing housing — more housing in Ann Arbor is pro-environment and pro-social justice. What inspired me to get off the sideline and pull nominating petitions in June was witnessing ethical lapses that have no place in a community praised for its progressive values and intellectual rigor.

The decision to throw my hat in the ring wasn’t an easy one or one I take lightly. I understand that this will be hard work. I’m prepared to serve and know I have the listening ears and critical thinking skills that are needed to serve with dignity and respect. If you cast your vote for me on August 2, I pledge to represent your values in an authentic, progressive, and results-oriented manner.

So, why me? I have experience in a broad range of areas that can solve our most pressing problems. I have owned businesses and created jobs in Ann Arbor. I work for a nonprofit that helps other businesses grow and create jobs here, and I understand what we can preserve — and need to enhance — to continue to make Ann Arbor one of the best places in the work to live and work. Through board involvement and leadership, I have given my time to learn about and support important issues here, primarily around the environment, women’s mental health, literacy in underserved communities, and helping Main Street businesses.

I welcome every opportunity to talk about what’s important in our community. I have my own ideas, such as our desperate need to shore up our financial condition, provide top-notch services, tackle our urgent environmental and housing affordability crises, and more.

But, I am anxious to learn what I don’t know and how we can work together to move Ann Arbor forward to benefit the greater good. I hope you’ll reach out to talk about what’s important to you and how I can represent you throughout this process.

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration. I appreciate your generous support.

With sincere gratitude and warmest wishes for a happy and healthy 2022,


P.S. I would love to have your help knocking on doors, collecting signatures for my nominating petition, spreading the word on social media, whatever and however you’re comfortable advocating for me to serve Ann Arbor. Fill out the contact form on my website and I’ll be in touch!